German UG

UG (Unternehmergesellschaft haftungsbeschränkt) Company Formation with just EUR 50 share capital

We are specialised in German business.

If you are already active in Germany and are looking for a company that offers limited liability and flexibility, we will set up the German UG for you at particularly economical prices.

German UG

The German UG can be formed at a price of EUR 698 including notary and commercial register costs, and of course our own. There is no better way to found a German UG.

Nominee Services

Starting with an annual amount of € 148, we provide trustees for management and / or shareholders. The nominee package costs an amount of € 288.The opening of bank accounts in Germany and / or England is possible.

German Address

If you need a business address for your mail, we will receive mail on behalf of your company and forward it to you weekly or by email.

German Landline

We register a local German telephone number for you and link it to a virtual telephone system if you wish. We also produce professional telephone announcements for your telephone system.

Registration of Internet-Domains

You do not have your own internet domain nor your own internet program? No problem! We register for you the popular de-domain, as well as com / net / org and all new domain extensions and create you on request a professional Internet program.

German Mobile Number

Optionally to a German landline number, you will also receive from us an additional mobile phone number, with which you can be reached worldwide, -if you want we link your landline number with your mobile phone number and you are reachable from both numbers everywhere.

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German UG

The German UG is a very economic option to start trading in Europe.

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The best option in Germanyy

Main Advantages of the German UG

Cheap Formation

Andere europäische Gesellschaftsformen mögen vereinzelt günstiger zu gründen sein. Wenn Sie aber täglich deutsche Geschäftsvorfälle haben, wenn Ihre Kunden in Deutschland sind und Ihre Tätigkeit sich in Deutschland abspielt ist die UG ganz einfach praktikabel.

Cheap Administration

Declaring sales, paying taxes, providing health insurance for employees and a modern infrastructure in the country make running a UG a matter of a joke.

Einfache Bankkonto-Eröffnung

Have you ever tried to get a bank account for a foreign (also European) company in Germany? Most banks are very hostile here. With a German UG you get your account opened almost everywhere.

What clients say

“So far, the best Germany provider I've ever had. Service and Advice TOP! I will recommend you everywhere, also because of cheap rates. Five stars!”
Ron Hartmann
Fast, reasonably priced company foundation. Others just talk and want to tell you how to do it. Here you just set it directly. Great!
Philipp Kumadi
Compan Director

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