Easy Formation

Here you are able to form a German Company fast and extremely easy.

There are many providers but nobody who is cheap, affordable and just very easy with orders.

To use our services you dont need to fly to Germany or Europe. Instead of employing many people we send our orders to German Companies Registration online, and this makes everything in connection to a service of a German Company easy as 1-2-3.

We start forming your German Corporation usually at the same day of receiving your payment and in most cases the company is registered within a week.


Registration with Companies Registration generates an immediate limited liability to an amount as small as one EURO.

Thus a German UG (Unternehmergesellschaft) is the perfect choice to reduce risks in business (also suitable for Internet-Programs).

If you want to form a partnership it is also an easy and effective way to conduct business and earn money.

If you want to clarify existing business relationships a German UG is recommended. A German UG is able to conduct business worldwide without any borders.

….. because German Company Formation is now just easy.

EASY secure. EASY affordable. EASY good. EASY Limited.