German Company Formation is fast and very easy.

To use our German company formation service you dont need to fly to Germany or Europe. We can carry out all steps of formation on your behalf with one of our professional nominees.

We start forming your German Corporation the same day we receive your order and in most cases the company is registered with the court within one week.


Registration with the German court guarantees immediate limited liability to an amount as little as one EURO.

Therefore a German UG (Unternehmergesellschaft) is the best way to avoid liability risks. (also suitable for Internet-Companies).

We can appoint nominees for directors and shareholders and even open bank accounts with any German bank you like. If necessary we will represent your interests, meet clients and business partners.

We can organise proper bookkeeping, appoint accountants and apply for a tax ID with German tax office.

If you have any questions contact us here or use our WhatsApp-Service or Live-